ISO Residual Program for High Risk

Agent Sales Career Opportunities

Are you currently working with iso/credit card processor and need a solution to place your high risk merchants? If so, you landed on the right place. Top Dollar Compensation commissions, residuals and payouts for many high risk merchants including Travel Companies, Collection Agencies, Credit Repair, MLM, Cigars, Tobacco, Adult, Escorts, MOTO internet, Online Pharmacies, E-Cigarettes, Time Shares, Sports Betting Prediction, Web Hosting, Telemarketing and more!

  1. 50/50 Profit sharing on residuals for High Risk Merchants.
  2. Multiple Acquiring Banks that Support and Approve of High Risk
  3. Place merchants that are listed on your current prohibited list.
  4. High Income Potential with 100,200,300+ basis points over interchange. Increase commissions.

If you are looking for additional processors who will handle your high risk credit card processing merchants, then please Contact Us so that we can discuss your high risk agent program needs and work with you to increase your profit, income, and revenue potentials.

Our Team of Consultants

Our team of professionals have yeas of experience working with iso's and agents to help them place their high risk merchants and earn top commissions and residuals, payments and compensation. When you contact us we will evaluate the type of merchants you need to place and match you up with the right bank. There are very few reliable places to find high risk credit card processing agent programs. Our industry savvy team will review the type of accounts you need to place and register you with the best processor for your particular agent iso needs. Contact Us To Get More Info